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When a young girl becomes a bride, the consequences are lifelong – for the girl, for her children and for her nation.

Ending child marriage will require  long-term, sustainable action across many different sectors. A robust legal and policy framework for preventing child marriage and supporting married girls should be the cornerstone of government efforts to address the practice.

Members of Parliament are uniquely positioned to shape, advance and implement such a framework, within their countries and beyond. They can lead the development of relevant legislation and policies, pass budgets, monitor implementation, and ensure accountability for both national and international commitments. They can guarantee the voices of citizens are heard, including those of the girl child, in order to mobilise political will and commitment to end child marriage.

Yet, Members of Parliament are often overlooked as essential stakeholders and drivers of change. This toolkit aims to provide concrete examples and recommendations on how interested parliamentarians can take action. It also promotes collaboration with the vibrant civil society organisations working on the issue.

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