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This study maps the links between researchers and legislators in a number of transition and developing countries, including across Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and East Asia. One key finding is that legislative staff play an important intermediary role between research, researchers and legislators, with informal linkages common in Sub-Saharan Africa. 


The report also highlights that the capacity of structures and support mechanisms within the legislature influences the use of research. For legislators interested in promoting evidence use, the report contains several recommendations, including:

  • Institutional agreements with research institutes and/or civil society knowledge producers
  • Study tours to neighbouring countries to exchange experiences 
  • Monitoring and evaluating the use of research in legislative decision-making so to understand what works


To read more, please follow this link to download the full report.


If you use the information detailed in the report, please cite as follows: 

Datta, A., Jones, N. (2011) Linkages between researchers and legislators in developing countries. A scoping study. Overseas Development Institute 


ODI: The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) is a UK think tank focussing on international development and humanitarian issues. To find out more about the work of ODI, please follow this link.