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The Evidence-Informed Policy Making Toolkit is a flexible suite of resources created to support civil servants and parliamentary staff to use evidence in policy making in developing countries.

The Toolkit takes an interdisciplinary approach combining policy analysis, information literacy, research skills and communication techniques, and comprises of four modules:

·         Introduction to Evidence- Informed Policy Making

·         A Complete Search Strategy, including how to access different types evidence

·         Assessing Evidence, including analysing source, credibility, bias and quality of evidence

·         Communicating Evidence, including tailoring messages to decision makers

Also included in the Toolkit are (1) activities to deliver training in evidence use, (2) template to develop implementation plans for evidence use, and (3) promotional resources to raise awareness about evidence use in public institutions.

To download the resources, please follow this link.

If you use the information detailed in the report, please cite as follows:

INASP (2016) Evidence-Informed Policy Making Toolkit. Oxford: INASP.

INASP: The International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) is an international development charity that aims to strengthen access to, production and use of knowledge and evidence in Africa, Asia and Latin America. To find out more about the work of INASP, please follow this link.

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