What is Agora?

AGORA (www.agora-parl.org) is the leading global knowledge platform on parliamentary development.  It has been designed as a flexible tool and a meeting space used by Parliamentarians, parliamentary staff and the community of practice in order to facilitate information exchange.  

AGORA is a one-stop reference center and hub
for knowledge sharing on parliamentary development.

AGORA offers resources and news updates on parliamentary development in English, French and Arabic.  It also has a unique interactive platform where visitors can connect, interact with other members and share information.  In addition, AGORA offers e-learning courses as well as tailored trainings for parliamentarians and parliamentary staff, coordinated by the AGORA team.

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For more information on AGORA’s work and activities, please contact us at info@agora-parl.org.

History and mission

Representative assemblies act as promoters of accountable democratic governance and perform a number of pivotal functions in modern democracies. International organisations therefore increasingly target their activities to parliamentary institutions.

AGORA is a direct response to the growing need for coordination
and communication within the parliamentary development community of practice.

Following a round of consultations in 2007 and 2008, AGORA was created to take up the crucial task of facilitating cooperation, increasing access to knowledge and providing a platform for the exchange of practices and experiences in parliamentary development. The AGORA public was launched in March 2010.

Centralising knowledge and uniting parliamentary development actors and stakeholders in an interactive community of practice allows for more efficient planning, reduces the risk of duplication, and reinforces the sharing of expertise and experience. In facilitating this, AGORA stimulates a better use of funds, more efficient parliamentary development, and ultimately, the strengthening of parliaments and democracies.

As a multilateral initiative, AGORA is a global meeting point for
the exchange of knowledge and know-how on parliamentary development.


In line with the mission outlined above, AGORA’s three key objectives are:  

  • To act as a hub of information and expertise on parliamentary development;
  • To promote the global streamlining of parliamentary development activities and advocate for parliamentary development worldwide;
  • To consolidate knowledge and expertise, and to create an active online community for those working in parliaments and in the field of parliamentary development.