Questionnaire on Women’s Representation and Political Participation for Civil Society

Introduction and Purpose

The UNDP Amman Regional Hub is currently collecting data for a reference guide to address the under-representation of women and to strengthen their meaningful participation in political institutions in the Arab region. The purpose of the study is to highlight good practices, strategies and mechanisms as well as success stories and lessons learned that have contributed to overcoming the barriers to women’s political participation in the Arab region.

The aim of this questionnaire is to gather information from civil society actors in the Arab region about barriers to and strategies to increase women’s representation and qualitative participation in their specific country context, with a focus on success factors, success stories and continuing challenges.
Target Audience and Content

Ideally, the questionnaire will be completed by:

  • Heads of Civil Society associations/NGOs working on or advocating for gender equality and women’s representation issues
  • Civil society programmatic staff directly responsible for developing and/or implementing women’s political participation projects at the local or national level
  • Civil society staff responsible for monitoring and evaluating women’s political participation at local or national level

Please return this questionnaire by 31 May 2018 to the UNDP Amman Regional Hub ( and UNDP’s commissioned consultant Nathalie Ebead ( to draft the Reference Guide.


A Skype interview to obtain more information on the barriers and good practices, success stories and strategies to promote meaningful women’s political participation in your country may be conducted by the consultant Nathalie Ebead (, commissioned by UNDP at your convenience. 


Download  the document  here