Parliamentary Oversight of the Extractive Industries Sector

This document outlines the role parliament’s can play in the extractive industries sector, describing the stages of the extractive industries value chain, including the link to the national budget, with possible action steps for Members of Parliament for each of the stages.  Through these learning modules, members of parliaments (MPs) and their staff will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses in government’s extractive industries policy and how to make the extractive industries (EI) sector more developmentally oriented.

The modules contain best practices in the area of EI governance and management. MPs can use these modules to better understand and analyze the costs and benefits of extractive industries policy outcomes, their effect on stability, growth and on the budget. These modules would also assist MPs to learn how to enhance benefits and mitigate the risks related to the extractive industries sector, so that they can more effectively oversee the executive branch of government. They will also equip MPs with information they can utilize to better inform debate around EI issues. Parliamentarians can also use these modules to enhance their ability to promote transparency and accountability throughout 6 the extractive industries value chain, and they will learn how to effectively participate in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).

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