State University of New York – Center for International Development

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The State University of New York’s Center for International Development (SUNY/CID) is a leading university based international development center enhancing the knowledge and practice of governance and policy-making. The Center is part of the University at Albany’s Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, a national leader in public affairs education. It draws upon the extensive intellectual and technical resources from the State University of New York and serves as a key component of the university’s overall commitment to excellence in international education, cross-cultural exchange, and sustainable development.

SUNY/CID has operated field offices on five continents and has implemented over $200 million in international development projects over the past quarter century. It is a trusted, not-for-profit partner in international development, which connects people and ideas for integrated development. Integrated development begins with careful assessments of needs in communities and institutions. It takes into account a country’s specific economic, social and political conditions in activities that help to strengthen the capacity of inclusive and sustainable institutions. The Center designs its programs and activities together with donors and with stakeholders on the ground in order to identify appropriate tools and activities.

SUNY/CID works effectively with multilateral and bilateral donor agencies, national parliaments and governments, universities, civil society organizations, and local and regional governments. Its work cuts across the boundaries of professional and academic disciplines and integrates new ideas into tested practice. It designs and implements: Large, multi-year and university-based technical training projects; Focused multi-year institutional capacity building projects; Research-intensive assessments and evaluations; and Internships, roundtables and study tours in the United States and internationally.



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