European Partnership for Democracy

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The European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) is an independent European organization that aims at contributing to the advancement and strengthening of democracy outside of the European Union. The EPD brings together European civil society organizations active in the field of democracy support. As a network organization, the EPD serves as a platform for knowledge exchange and joint advocacy initiatives and as an interface for project implementation in third countries. Link to EPD brochure.

EPD projects are multilayered and multilateral processes, which are based on flexible responses to be efficient and adaptable to the needs and demands of partners in the selected countries.

EPD firstly sets out to identify a target country by seeking political windows allowing for new opportunities; pre-existing ties with local actors; the direct demand from local actors and organisations. The potential avenues for intervention are then evaluated by EPD. These interventions can take on various formats depending on the political and institutional context of the country, the nature of the political processes at stake, the capacity of local actors, their expressed needs and demands and the work of donors and stakeholders operating on the ground.



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