Westminster Foundation for Democracy

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Westminster Foundation for Democracy's (WFD) work focuses on strengthening parliaments and political parties in priority countries in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. However we also work with the various institutions that make up civil society. In all these fields we work at national, regional and local levels.

WFD was established to support the emergence and strengthening of pluralist democratic institutions in countries in transition. Foremost among these institutions is an effective, elected, multiparty legislature or parliament.

The Foundation’s direct access to Westminster and other UK political experience gives it the opportunity to mobilise support for the development, on a cross-party basis, of parliamentary institutions and mechanisms such as committee structures, libraries, resource centres, and legal drafting. This work is supported currently both by political parties and by WFD central. WFD does not advocate or promote the Westminster model or any other specific legislative system, but supporting the development of representative institutions is an important priority in WFD’s work.



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