Climate Parliament

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While diplomats and governments continue to negotiate, the Climate Parliament Council believes that legislators should also pursue a parallel track: to build our way out of the climate problem.

We have all the technologies we need to enable a rapid transition to renewable energy. We also have the knowledge that we need to preserve the rainforests. What we need now is new legislation and financial incentives to get the appropriate technologies and systems deployed.

The Climate Parliament is creating a strategy for Clean Power for All (or see this 2-page summary). This is a strategy for global political action to help save the planet. It is a strategy that would result in a faster transition away from fossil fuels to the use of renewable resources in energy production. It is a strategy in which no nation is able to block international progress.

This strategy calls on those state and national legislators who are genuinely concerned about climate change, energy security or peak oil to work together to take effective worldwide action.

Legislators have the power to solve the climate problem by passing legislation in their home parliaments. They can also influence policy by speaking with presidents, prime ministers and state governors. The Climate Parliament has been created to help the world’s Members of Parliament and Congress to take action now.



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