Belgian Foreign Ministry

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Belgium strives for a peaceful and secure world where poverty is a thing of the past and where there are development opportunities for all. Its efforts, therefore, complement those of the international community to achieve sustainable development and a fair world.

The main issues on which Belgium focuses are as follows: Millennium Development Goals; Agriculture and Food Security; Environment and Climate Change; Migration and Development; Education and Training; Basic Healthcare; Basic Infrastructure; Society Building; Gender: Equal Rights and Opportunities for Men and Women; Aid for Trade; Children's Rights; Private Sector.

Belgium gives bilateral aid (i.e. aid that is provided by one country directly to another) to 18 partner countries in Asia, Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and the Middle East (partner countries). The focus of its cooperation is in Central Africa. In its bilateral cooperation, Belgian concentrates its aid on a specific number of sectors: Healthcare; Education and Training; Agriculture and Food Security; Basic Infrastructure; Society Building.



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