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For over 50 years USAID has been providing technical leadership and strategic support in promoting sustainable democracy. Our goals include: Strengthening the Rule of Law and Respect for Human Rights; Promoting More Genuine and Competitive Elections & Political Processes; Increased Development of a Politically Active Civil Society; More Transparent and Accountable Governance.

The Elections & Political Processes Division (EPP) provides leadership on political competition and consensus building issues to USAID field missions and bureaus, other U.S. Government entities, and the broader democracy and governance community. We do this through promoting ten elements that are essential to fair elections and political processes: Impartial electoral frameworks; Credible electoral administration; Effective oversight of electoral processes; Informed and active citizenries; Representative and competitive multiparty systems; Effective governance by elected leaders and bodies; Inclusion of women and disadvantaged groups; Effective transfer of political power; Consensus-building for democratic reform; Sustainable local engagement.

USAID’s objective in governance is to promote effectiveness as well as transparency, accountability, and participation in government institutions and public policy reform processes at all levels. The Governance Division provides technical leadership through research, training, and dissemination of best practices; management of centrally funded mechanisms designed to support country-level governance programs; and direct field support of USAID programs abroad.



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