Implementing Board

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The implementing Board carries out the decisions adopted by the Partners' Group. It consists of representatives of the partner organisations that jointly lead and actively support the Portal. The Implementing Board meets at least quarterly.
The functions of the Implementing Board are:

  • Piloting the Portal by designing a global strategy, a baseline policy and concrete goals;
  • Establishing annual work plans and budgets, based on the recommendations of the Partners' Group;
  • Supporting the efficient coordination of the activities listed in the work plan;
  • Ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources;
  • Organising consultative meetings in order to examine the progress achieved in the implementation of the programme;
  • Developing new partnerships.

The Knowledge Manager is a full member of the Implementing Board. It is the Knowledge Manager’s responsibility, with support from the Implementation Board and the Portal team, to implement the guidelines and decisions from the Implementing Board and Partners’ Group and to ensure that the Portal functions smoothly.