Africa covers about 50% of EITI membership

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During a press conference organised by the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), at the Hill Valley Hotel in Freetown on Thursday, it was disclosed by the institution’s board chair, Frederik Reinfeldt that Africa covers about 50% of EITI membership.
Stating the reason for this, he said, “There is a will in Africa to have transparency in extractive management” adding that African governments also have that will.
The Board Chair went on to say, that was the reason they were in the country; to increase transparency in the extractive sector.
He went on to say that their motive was to create an atmosphere that can fight corruption and improve conditions in the country adding that they will give the tools to the leaders in order to fight inequality.
“More transparency, more openness will hold your leaders accountable in what they are doing”, he stressed.
The press conference was the climax of a two day visit into the country by the said board chair of the institution and Jonas Moberg, the head of EITI International Secretariat.
The purpose of the visit was to discuss the changes to the new EITI Global Standard, to learn about progress and challenges in resource governance in the country and to secure the necessary political will for the implementation of the new standard ahead of the country’s SLEITI validation next year.