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Les conséquences du changement climatique en Ouganda suscitent des inquiétudes.

4 years ago

Parliament's Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has urged the Petroleum Commission to expedi

4 years ago
Après les ouragans qui ont frappé les Antilles, une mission d'information de l'Assemblée nation
5 years ago

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ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Shell et ConocoPhillips, cinq géants pétroliers, sont attaqués en justice par la ville de New York, a annoncé son maire, Bill de Blasio. Qui retire aussi des fonds...

Human Rights Impacts of Extractive Industries on Indigenous Peoples

Widespread human rights violations associated with extractive projects on the lands of...

Our e-Learning course on strong oversight of extractive industries is now available on AGORA. The course has been developed in collaboration with the Project for strengthening technical and...

Parliament, the environment and climate change

Parliament, the environment and climate change