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While the analysis and recommendations in this toolkit pertain to Francophone West Africa, the resources contained here include policy ideas, example parliamentary questions and model documentation that should be of interest to legislators worldwide - as well as others working in the energy sector.

What does current evidence reveal about the complex relationships between climate change and human mobility?

Une semaine après le début de la COP23, qui se tient jusqu’au 17 novembre à Bonn, la question qui fâche s’est invitée sur le devant de la scène avec la journée consacrée à la finance.

As we celebrate, and the world looks to implement the agreement, we must remember another critical global agreement that will need to come into play.

Parliaments across the world have been making use of modern technology to better carry out their representation, law-making and oversight functions. Information technologies are now an essential tool parliaments use to become more open, accessible, accountable and effective. Trends such as the use of open source data or social media are a game-changer for the relationship between parliaments and the public. 

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